Prompt: Window

Six was when I became conscious of my fear of darkness. It was palpable. You could touch it; all it took was seconds of darkness and there it would be. Papa tried hard to get me to not be so afraid but I just could not believe darkness bore nothing that could harm me. The … Continue reading Prompt: Window


today you roam  Nima you ooh and aah the whole time  as you walk  the somewhat busy streets. you see the famous spice market and take in all of her smells and sounds. you learn the names of spices used in meals you will never be confident or curious enough to make. you have your … Continue reading nima


​It’s been 3 years since Auntie Melissa died. Three years and I still do not know how she died. Not that knowing will change the fact that she doesn’t live in these parts anymore but I really wanted to  know how she left. Did she struggle? Did it happen while she was asleep? Was she … Continue reading GONE

Dear Kqwajo

Dear Kqwajo, I hear you’ve secured admission to pursue Culture & Tourism in KNUST. Mother says you are pissed that you didn’t get the Economics you really wanted. Dad took you to Aunt Harriet, she’s calmed you down and made the course pretty attractive, although you’re still not entirely convinced.  I also hear you are pretty … Continue reading Dear Kqwajo

Dear Bimba

A week or two ago, I got a message from somebody I know from facebook. The person wanted to know what the nature of the Culture and Tourism program at KNUST is like. I told the person all I could tell him but thought that the experience is different for everybody so they were better … Continue reading Dear Bimba